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Chapakar Ecolodge

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Chapakar Ecolodge

Price: 24 $
Varzaneh, Isfahan, Iran

Price and services ---
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Chapaker ecolodge is located in Varzaneh and is a traditional guest house which dates back to Pahlavi dynasty. This traditional house is a good place to stay for those guests who want to visit Gavkhouni swamp. It has the capacity of 30 people and offers services like 2-day tour of Kara salt lake, Mount Siah and Gavkhouni swamp. You can also enjoy fun activities like night sky watching, camel trekking, off-roading and boating. Nearby attractions: Camel Mill, Dovecote, Traditional Well, Ghurtan Fortress.

Varzaneh, Isfahan, Iran



Quality of food and beverages
Variety of food menu choices
cleanliness of the rooms
Employees appearances
Attractive view
Location of accommodation
Serving Local food
Cleanliness of Lobby
Knowledgeable employees
reasonable prices of food and beverages
Reasonable prices of the rooms
Website Reliability
Employees Behavior
Serving Food and Beverage on time
On-time Services
Friendly Employees
Greeting guests
understanding the needs of the guests
Overall review

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