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Parsian Ghal-e Ganj hotel

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Parsian Ghal-e Ganj hotel

Price: 63 $
Qale Ganj, Kerman, Iran

Base Price ---
Room Type -
Capacity 2
Extra Capacity 1
Special Facilities -
Price 68
Discounted Price 63
... ---
other facilities Conducting tours require additional fee. There is a handicrafts shop in the hotel. The pool of the hotel is under construction
Specification ---
Type Of Hotel
بلهTraditional Hotel
Rating ***
Number of Floors 1
Tags Accommodation
Number of Rooms 30
Distance from the Main City Centers ---
Distance to airport
Distance to other centers.
Facilities ---
General Facilities
بله24 Hour Reception
بلهPrayer Room
بلهTV in Lobby
بلهSquat Toilets in lobby
بلهSitting Toilets in Lobby
بلهShoe Polishing Machine
بلهFire Alarm System
بلهAir Conditioning System
بلهSafe Box
بلهVIP Room
بلهTour Services
بلهTicketing Service
بلهGreen Space
بلهConference Hall
بلهTransferring from Airport to Hotel
بلهFire Extinguishers
بلهFire Extinguishers
Rooms Facilities
بلهSitting Toilets
بلهAir Conditioning System
بلهSplit Cooling System
بلهKey Door Locks
بلهIndoor Parking
بلهNon-Covered Parking
Food and Drink
بلهCoffee Shop
بلهBuffet Restaurant
بلهOut Door Restaurant
بلهIndoor Traditional Tea House
بلهIranian Restaurant
بلهBreakfast in Room
بلهLaunch in Room
بلهDinner in Room
Policies ---
Check in Time : 24 hours
Check out Time : 14
Cancellation Policy : If you cancel your reservation 48 hours before arrival, you will be charged 50% of stay. After this time, you will be charged 100% of stay.
Children policy (free stay) : Children under 6 stay for free
Additional information Prepayment may be required for the reservation

Parsian Ghal-e Ganj hotel is located in one of the south cities of Kerman, Ghl-e Ganj. This hotel opened in 2016 and has a unique architecture. It has five traditional corridors; each one has six rooms. This hotel is a member of Parsian international Hotels and provides you a pleasant stay.

Qale Ganj, Kerman, Iran



Quality of food and beverages
Variety of food menu choices
cleanliness of the rooms
Employees appearances
Attractive view
Location of accommodation
Serving Local food
Cleanliness of Lobby
Knowledgeable employees
reasonable prices of food and beverages
Reasonable prices of the rooms
Website Reliability
Employees Behavior
Serving Food and Beverage on time
On-time Services
Friendly Employees
Greeting guests
understanding the needs of the guests
Overall review

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